Flo Yoga delivers mindful and accessible Yoga classes suitable for all levels in our beautiful studio in West Hampstead, just off Finchley Road. 


We focus on creating a warm and friendly environment that people feel comfortable in. Open to all, offering a variety of classes from our popular energising Vinyasa Flow Classes right down to our easeful Yin & restorative classes that help you Relax and Restore.




Our beautiful studio was designed by Boyeon, of Studio Bouy, to create a simple, peaceful space with an emphasis on creating a functional area, which allows the mind to relax and the body to work, using natural materials and harnessing light. 


In addition to the main Studio we also have a Changing Room, Toilet, and a chill out area where you can wait & prep for your class.


Flo Yoga was set up in 2019 with one aim: to bring a friendly, comfortable studio vibe to the West Hampstead area!  


We believe there's a Yoga class for everyone! Whether you want to challenge the body, quieten the mind or just come to the mat to have some quality time to yourself! 


We aim to leave you with a sense of renewed energy to go back in to your day feeling better than when you walked into the space .


All our classes are tailored to be multi-level.  So whether you've been practicing for decades or you're just getting started, you'll find a class & a pace to suit here!


Any questions?  See our FAQs