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Workshops & Events

Flo Run Club

Last Saturday of every Month  at 9AM
with Hannah Murray

We’ll set off from Flo and head up to the Heath for a 5k-10k loop.


The run will be at a social pace so all levels are welcome, including dogs!


Towards the end, there will be some yoga and breath work in nature to stretch and energise the body, filling our lungs with the fresh morning air.


Running down the hill back to Flo, the chatter can continue over a free coffee/tea in collaboration with Grocery Post.


Come along and join us - begin your weekend in the best way with the Flo Run Club!

Saturday May 25th
Saturday June 29th
Saturday July 27th 

Saturday August 31st

£10 a Session


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Breathflow Bliss:

Your Journey to Inner Peace 

Sunday 16th & 30th June, 15:00-17:00
with Samreen McGregor

Join Samreen McGregor for a two hour journey of Breathflow Bliss, featuring breathing exercises set to curated music.


This workshop aims to reduce stress, enhance well-being, and deepen self-connection. Ideal for those seeking to de-stress or explore breathwork's transformative power.


Breathwork offers physical benefits like improved organ function, brain clarity, muscle strength, detoxification, better sleep, sharper senses, and a stronger immune system.


Emotionally, it releases stored emotions and the effects of past traumas, providing cathartic healing.


Spiritually, it connects you with prana, enhancing vitality, clarity, creativity, and presence.


This integrative practice can lead to a spiritual awakening grounded in physical and mental connection. In a cozy, welcoming space, Samreen (along with her supporting facilitator Mariah) guide you through a profound healing journey, ensuring you feel relaxed and supported.

Early bird £35

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About Samreen

Samreen McGregor is on a mission to guide and support people through transformative self-discovery. As the founder of Turmeric, she is an executive coach dedicated to transforming leaders' mindsets, behaviours and health. Her bestselling book, "Leader Awakened," was a winner in the Business Book Awards. Now also a trained somatic practitioner and trauma-informed integrative breathflow facilitator, Samreen offers a transformative breathwork experience.

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Yoga Posture Fundamentals

Saturday 29th June, 16:00-18:00
with Emma Grant

This workshop is for anyone wanting to learn or refine some of the common postures practised in yoga classes. 


In the first half, we'll break down the "flow" sequence including downward dog, chaturanga and upward dog. You'll learn how to vary the sequence according to your body and how to make the practice dynamic and gentle. Through simple drills, you'll improve your understanding of how to safely support the shoulders as you flow. 


The second half will focus on some of the classic standing postures including the Warrior family, Side angle, Triangle and standing balances like Half Moon. You'll refine your technique and know how to adapt the poses to support your hips, lower back and hamstrings. 


Throughout the two hours, you'll receive individual feedback and learn modern alignment techniques. Through experiential anatomy and understanding the target areas of each pose, you'll have the skill to make the poses work for you. 



About Emma

Emma is a 500 hour accredited teacher and has been teaching across London since 2015. She first started classes to help with lower back pain but after living in India in 2008, Yoga, became rooted in her life. Emma has completed advanced trainings in anatomy based on modern sports medicine and orthopaedics to ensure she can support injured students and educate people on how to avoid them. She aims to encourage everyone to explore their movement and develop a mindful and sustainable practice unique to them.

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