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Our most popular class! Go with the Flo!  This Vinyasa  Flow class focuses on transitions from one posture to another . Building strength and mobility whilst quietening the mind. For All Levels

Longer held postures designed to put healthy stress on the connective tissue, increases mobility and calms nervous system. For Sleep and Restoration

A stronger version of our Flo classes

Generates heat, builds strength

Encourages Arm Balances and Inversions. 

Intermediate Level

A perfect way to calm your mind and body.  A slower paced Vinyasa with a more easeful approach. 

For beginners or a slower practice

A deep journey of sound to bring you into a deep state of rest. Tibetan and Crystal bowls, gongs and chimes are used to invite the body into a state of utter relaxation. Eases stress and anxiety.

A Flo into a Restorative sequence.

It's sure to leave you feeling like you've mobilised and created space in the body and eased the mind. 

An advanced Flo focused on the more physically demanding parts of the practice. Think tricky transitions, inversions and arm balances. Yoga experience necessary.

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